Toadfish Braided Line
Toadfish Oufitters

Toadfish Braided Line

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TOAD BRAID is a superior casting, soft handling, no-stretch, abrasion-resistant super line designed to quickly hook and hold your fish of a lifetime. Toadfish braid features tiny diameters with high tensile strengths that allow the line to fly through the guides of our Toadfish rods creating the ultimate casting combination. Extreme abrasion resistance allows you to fish around structures like oyster beds, a dock piling, fallen trees, or mangroves and have the confidence to pitch and wrangle out whatever TOAD you're chasing.

Toadfish is on a mission to ensure sustainable ecosystems. For every product sold, toadfish will restock key fish species through donations made to hatcheries across the united states. We are helping replenish the population of inshore species like redfish, trout, cobia, & flounder. Let's Put 'Em Back!

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